Enviros Sediment Control Services

Enviros Sediment Control provides a number of sediment and erosion control services.  We have the experience to provide customised applications for various domestic residential building sites.

Enviros Sediment Control provides the following services:

Silt Fences

At Enviros Sediment Control, we are the experts in supply and installation of silt fencing on domestic building sites. If you need to minimise erosion caused by site disturbance or prevent sediment contaminated water leaving the site, we can help with all your sediment control needs.

We use Terrastop (manufactured in Europe), a high quality geotextile woven (not needle-punched) from highly UV resistant polypropylene.  We offer a “set price” of $200 + GST for silt fences on standard domestic building sites (say less than 800m2) making it easier for large building companies to estimate costs.

Our distinctive material is highly visible, light fluoro green with a large white stripe, adding an extra safety feature on your building site. This high quality material is strong and robust, greatly resisting damage and tearing during the construction process. It exceeds the Australian Standard (AS3706) for tensile, tear and burst strength, pore size and flow rate.

Silt Fence

We have produced a WARNING sign to attach to our silt fences to alert other subcontractors to the need to keep the fences in good working order at all times. Subcontractor damage is the main reason for silt fence failures leading to an increased risk of fines. Anyone damaging the fence is encouraged to contact the supervisor immediately if they cannot fix the damage themselves so repairs can be arranged as soon as possible to avoid fines.

Warning sign

Corporate Branding for your silt fences

You can use your silt fence for corporate branding of your building site. We can print your company’s logo onto the silt fence material to help you stand out from the crowd. Price on application.

Gravel Driveways

Sediment can cause havoc where vehicles enter and leave a work site.  Generally, if silt fences have been installed correctly, the most common cause of sediment leaving a work site is on the tyres of the vehicles and machinery that enter and leave the site. By installing a temporary gravel crossover, you can avoid silt contamination issues which can result in hefty fines. We supply and install 2–3 cubic metres of 40 mm drainage gravel or recycled concrete aggregate into pre-cut driveway areas, creating gravel berms to guide high water flow into the silt fences either side.

Gravel Driveway

Work sites need to be safe and Enviros Sediment Control can install visual safety barrier fencing.  It is always important to use safety or warning barriers in locations to keep people or traffic from entering unsafe areas, construction areas or work sites. We can install visual safety (warning) barriers for temporary enclosures on building sites or any areas that pose a risk of injury. We use a heavy duty, bright orange, extruded barrier mesh with a high level of UV stability attached to star pickets with safety caps (barrier mesh is manufactured to AS1742.3-2002). These barriers can be installed at $8.00 per metre + GST with a 25 metre minimum.

Safety Barrier

Kerb Drain Protection

If you need to protect kerb drains from sediment washing down roadways, Enviros Sediment Control provides an easy way to protect kerb-side drains in front of difficult sites or in areas where one company has many sites. Designed to sit directly in front of drains to filter out pollutants from water runoff, our silt guards protect kerb drains while still allowing water to flow into the gutter. Our kerb drain protection systems are designed to prevent debris, trash and other large particles from entering a drain while not affecting water flow or impinging onto the roadway.

Kerb Drain Silt Protection

Storm Water Drain Protection

Enviros Sediment Control will check for storm water drains and install the correct control measure to stop contaminates while allowing water to filter through. Storm water protection systems are one of the easiest solutions for polluted storm water runoff and discharge on your site.

Storm Water Drain Protection

Silt Socks and Coir Logs

Ideal for sediment control around drains and gutters, as well as erosion control, Enviros Sediment Control can provide and install a range of silt sock products and coir logs. They are laid around storm water inlets or across open drains to slow the velocity of runoff flow and retain suspended sediment.  The aim is to minimise the sediment loss from sites and the entry of silt into storm water systems, ultimately protecting the natural waterways. The design of the socks provide intimate contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath. The coir logs are sized from 2m to 3m in length and come in 200mm or 300mm diameters. They are particularly useful to slow the sheet flow on steep sites or to protect landscaped areas.

Silt Sock

Please contact us for a comprehensive price list for all our products and services.