Enviros Sediment Control

Welcome to Enviros Sediment Control Pty Ltd. Glen and Helen Ross have nearly 20 years experience in this industry and we are proud of the work we do. We have been here right from the start!

At Enviros Sediment Control, we have built a strong reputation with major Queensland building companies for the provision of all types of silt management systems including silt fences, gravel crossovers, storm drain protection and silt socks. We also install visual safety (warning) barriers on site.  With our vastly experienced team and large range of silt control applications, we are able to offer an immediate response to all types of sediment control jobs on domestic building sites in South East Queensland.

Silt fencing – we are the experts

With almost 20 years experience and over 23,000 silt fences installed, we know the importance of quick and efficient turnaround especially for silt fencing and gravel driveways on your building sites.  At Enviros Sediment Control, we know how expensive it can be if the proper sediment control requirements are not in place, and with fines under the Environment Protection Act reaching more than $9,000, we can help your business avoid these costs. Our focus is in adequately protecting the site from sediment run-off either to the roadway, waterways or neighbouring sites.


We service most areas of South East Queensland

At Enviros Sediment Control, we service all areas of Brisbane south of the Brisbane River, Redlands, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Somerset and the Lockyer Valley to Gatton. Our highly visible silt fencing products are made with the highest quality woven geotextiles and can be used on a variety of residential sites across Brisbane and environs.

We install all types of sediment control devices to meet requirements of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) and Storm Water Management Plans (SMP) on domestic building and construction sites.  Just about all councils in Queensland and Australia have very strict guidelines to protect waterways under the Environment Protection Act and they will issue on-the-spot fines to contractors who do not abide by these regulations.

Why do you need to control erosion and sediment on your building site?

Any soil and ground cover disturbance on a site can lead to that soil being washed off site and into our precious waterways damaging these unique environments.

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 QLD  (the Act) has regulations to prevent sediment from building sites polluting waterways. Local council officers are empowered under the Act and can issue on the spot infringement notices from $9,000 to $15,000 for breaches of the Act which allow, or have the potential to allow, sediment to flow into waterways.

With no Australian Standards regulations, our products meet all guidelines of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, published by the IECA as Best Practice in Erosion and Sediment Control and implemented by all local councils as their minimum requirements.  We make sure that our products and solutions are delivered and installed according to the most current environmental laws and practices.

Contact us at any time for all your silt fencing and erosion control requirements.

IECA (the International Erosion Control Association) is the foremost organisation for those involved in or concerned about soil erosion control. Membership (in IECA) tells others you take erosion control seriously and you want to help make a difference.